A Brother Like You | Brandon Grill

A laugh, a comb, a movie: a caregiver connects over the small things.

A Gullah Woman Comes to Clinic | Ethan Stonerook

Listen closely: A simple yet profoundly meaningful patient-provider encounter reminds us to pay attention.

Auscultation of a Failing Heart | Prerana Chatty

The sounds of dying hearts speak in connection to the world.

Body of Wisdom | Lailah Shima

Glimpsing her surgeon’s notes, feeling her surgeon’s blade…

Cerros | Laura Goetz

A clinician can learn to understand, even when she doesn’t speak the same language.

Decision | Ron Lands

It’s not always easy to deliver news that might change the course of a person’s life.

Diagnosis | Simona Carini

On the delicate balance between floating and sinking.

MRI Safe | Katya Lavine

What precious things must be saved before an MRI?

Neuropathy | Xanthia Tucker

Numb fingers, numb heart - a provider struggles emotionally with a cancer patient.

Pascal, the Hard Way | Barry Peters

On dying, belief, and a roll of the dice.

R&R | Richard Kravitz

Holiday greetings aren’t always cheerful: A patient’s cycle of emotions on Christmas is borne by the provider.

Three Home Visits | Beth Lown

A provider’s poised reflection on home visit encounters.

Trisomy 18 | Kevin Wang

An unflinchingly direct yet eloquent form of heartfelt presence for people with genetic disorders.

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