Aqua Vitae | Ansel Oommen

Inside our bodies is a network that can flourish in unusual ways.

Beyond Blue | Alice Wang

Health narratives are portraits that emerge in unexpected colors.

Bodies | Raina Greifer

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes, telling a variety of stories.

Electronic Propinquity: Early Prognosis | Marco Ammatelli

Medical tests reveal much when studied in an imaginative way.

Histologic | Anna Martin

The study of the anatomy of cells has elegant esthetics. Acrylic paint, acrylic medium and silicone oil

Inner Fortitude | Ronald Walker

We often question whether there's a body/mind dichotomy; both can combine fancifully as one.

Inside | Ryan Brewster

Being a medical student means looking inside oneself in more ways than one.

MD (In Progress) | Annie Zhu (artist) and Reha Kumar (author)

A graphic medicine tale charts the ups and downs of being in medical school.

They Tell Me It's Normal Grief | Makoto Ogawa

Notes scribbled in a journal speak of  visions of a person who is gone.

Two Hearts | Hillary Mullan

A medical student examines the complexity of one of the body's most important organs.

Two Sides of a Man | Mandeep Singh

A psychotherapy session finds expression in a rap song.