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Absolution | Peter Palmieri | SPRING 2014

What haunts us from the past finds its way into our dreams and often, our reality.

After Midnight | Carol Scott-Connor | SPRING 2018

Sirens, the ER and blood from an array of perspectives: A team of clinicians tell the tale of a harrowing interlude.

A Mother's Life | Kim Drew Wright | SPRING 2015

When life changes in an instant, what matters most?

The Appearance of Choice | Aimee Burke Valeras | Spring 2012

 Our bodies, our selves: When faced with a medical decision, we can be empowered to choose the outcome.

The Archivist | Jeremiah Mercurio | FALL 2015

A life in parts, an illness in memories.

Ask Your Doctor | Daniel Waters | FALL 2016

"Because the unmedicated life is not worth living."

Between Us | Jafeen Ilmudeen | SPRING 2015

An unwelcome visitor forces Mrs. Lafir to confront her past.

The Birth Plan | Matthew Bucknor

A father experiences the dangers he and his wife face after the birth of their son.

Blindfolded and Immutable | Lana Malekan | SPRING 2013

A young woman observes her family dynamics  to determine who she does - and doesn't - want to become.

Bones in the Sand | Liz Fyne | SPRING 2017

In this futuristic tale, a sudden illness puts a woman’s uncertainties about gene modification to the ultimate test.

Burr's Sore | Albert Howard Carter III | Spring 2013

An exploration of the framing narratives a man employs to face an unknown growth on his arm.

Caretaking| Emily Lackey | SPRING 2014

A memory from childhood gives a young hospice volunteer a calming strength.

Cause of Death | Yu Li | SPRING 2018

One night, an autopsy turns out to be more than just a standard procedure.

Cayden | Stephanie Deutsch | SPRING 2017

A gripping story about a mother's struggle. 

Christmas Rose | Carol Scott-Conner | SPRING 2017

An oncologist connects with a resistant patient through their shared understanding of roses.

Country Doctor | Rory O’Sullivan | SPRING 2019

An early morning call to the hospital provides a portrait of one country doctor’s life

Cups and Such | Andrew Taylor-Troutman | SPRING 2018

A father's love for his daughter will not be diminished by ALS.

Dahlia | Christine Naff | SPRING 2018

Nomenclature and narrative: A daughter struggles with the advancing dementia of her mother, who has given her family unusual names.

Doe | Sean P. Kerrigan | FALL 2014

6, Across. 9, Down. Uncovering the identity of a Jane Doe is a puzzle for a psychiatrist to solve.

Emerging Into the Light | Kimberly LaForce | SPRING 2015

During a dissection, a portrait of a life emerges.

Fear and Freedom | Kirsty Whitmore | FALL 2016

A physician's attempt at a restorative road trip turns into the scene of an emergency.

For Mary, With Love | Meghan Liroff | FALL 2018

Doctor or daughter?  A woman faces the challenge of being both at once during a trip to Colombia.

Galaxy | Lizzie Martin | SPRING 2017

We are everything, yet nothing.

Gloved | Philip Glennie | FALL 2013

What's going on in there? The taciturn Mr. Reid schools us on what a patient might be thinking.

Hold Fast | William Cass | FALL 2018 | FALL 2018

Working with families of severely handicapped children is always challenging for this social worker, but this family presents a special challenge.

I Know Queen Elizabeth | Andrew Taylor-Troutman | FALL 2016

A vivid account of reminiscing within funeral settings. 

In the Red Room | Maureen Aitken | FALL 2014

When being together at Christmas means everything to a family, a hospital visit can be a revelation.

I See Sky | Jessie Roth | FALL 2015

A reflection on ourselves as an extension of surroundings during times of ill health.

Joe and Edith | William Cass | SPRING 2017

A couple, and a moment of lucidity during difficult moments.

Life, Death and Betta Fish | Bradeigh Godfrey | FALL 2016

A betta fish shows a family struggling with loss how to heal.