Intima Archives | STUDIO ART | Fall 2016


Adjusted Schedule | Dennis Svoronos

A diagnosis gives you a different kind of 'to do' list for your life.

Being Disabled | Lilly Taing

Finding one's way means being engaged, front and center, with the world.

Below the Smoky Surface | Talia Malekan

We can only imagine what the inner workings of our bodies look like, although science, art or medicine can sometimes clue us in—to its beauties and terrors.

Gray Matter | Eugenia Amor

Sometimes the graphic way of looking at illness is the most enlightening.

In This Chamber Most Sacred | Nancy Yang

The heart holds corridors and pathways to our lives.

Obstetrical Phantom | Cristin Millett

Consider what lies below the skin or under the sheet a mystery, sometimes ghostly.

Progressive Degeneration | Talia Malekan

A rainbow of reactions: Tapping into the colors of the brain as it changes.

Through The History Of Your Arches | Nancy Yang

Our spines are like bridges that connect us in many ways to the world.

X-Ray Relevé | Talia Malekan

Imagery provides a whole new meaning to the phrase, "on your toes."