Intima Archives | STUDIO ART | Fall 2015


Friction 5 | Kriota Willberg | FALL 2015

A graphic look at what lies beneath the skin by one who knows how to touch a nerve.

Knockout Genes | Taryn Möller Nicoll | FALL 2015

The beauty of anatomical structures brings its own kind of focus to a clinical consideration.

Lament 1: A Passionate Expression of Grief or Sorrow | April Brenneman | FALL 2015

An artist makes sense of her child's diagnosis using an x-ray as a way into the mysteries of an illness.

Living in Between | Mandy Archibald | FALL 2015

Illness creates an existence in limbo, where past and present, life and death, intersect.

My Father's Blood Draw Kit | Betsy Andersen | FALL 2015

Hemo the Magnificent: For an artist, even the simplest medical procedure can be as evocative as a sunset.

Nervous | Ahmed Salahudeen | FALL 2015

Spinal tap: When a doctor envisions anatomical structure, a whole world of cultural references surface.

Syndrome | Cara O'Regan | FALL 2015

When doctors and patients consider the many colors of an illness, they also may see its variable shadings.