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I'll Try Anything | Sarah Safford (lyrics) Natalie Lovejoy (music) | SPRING 2015

A roll call of choices for those with cancer is tallied in this song from the dramedy, "Club Meds."

Wake Up | Sarah Safford (lyrics} Jonathan Monro (music) | SPRING 2015

Confronting illness may feel like a bad dream as this soulful tune from "Club Meds" reveals.

Instruments of Precision | Jason Cheung | FALL 2014

Writing the script of schizo-affective disorder involves practice, patience and being in pitch with oneself.

Living Gift | Frankie and the Desmosomes | SPRING 2014

Frankie and the Desmosomes is a rock band composed of Andrew Tritter, CJ De Ochoa, Brian Gilcrease, and John Berens, all of whom are medical students in the Baylor College of Medicine Class 2014.

PLAIN TALK | Deborah Starr | FALL 2015 [click title to link]

Let's begin the conversation about end of life care now, and keep the discussion going.

Translate | Mario de la Cruz | FALL 2011

A narration and performance about experience, clarity and understanding.

Mario De La Cruz reads, "Translate" at The Intima Presents, "Reading the Body" at Bowery Poetry Club in New York City on September 1, 2013